Inbuilt cleanrooms

MEDICOMPLET s.r.o. is an experienced supplier of inbuilt cleanrooms designed for healthcare. Mglass inbuilt constructions meet the most stringent requirements for quality, versatility and hygiene regulations.

Mglass cladding panels are manufactured using the latest technology and are also available in the anti-bacterial design.

The resulted optimum and efficient solutions are based on a thorough knowledge of the environment, the possibilities and the properties of individual components. Thus ensuring the best conditions for both the patient and medical staff.

AntiBacterial glass™

Technological process developed and patented by AGC Glass Europe is based on diffusing silver ions into the upper layers of the glass. Ions interact with bacteria adhering on the glass surface and destroy them by blocking its metabolism and prevents them from further reproduction. Also prevents the spread of fungi. The antibacterial effect of silver ions in the glass eliminates 99.9 percent of all bacteria adhering to its horizontal and vertical surfaces. Antibacterial glass effects are permanent.


  • Operating theatres
  • Medical treatment rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Departments of sterilization
  • and more...

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