At the birth of the Mglass there was the idea of clean lines, unique interiors and efficient solutions not only for healthcare facilities.


  • High quality glass available in antibacterial and safety design
  • Wide variety of different types of clear and colored glass
  • Timeless interior design
  • Long service life
  • High durability
  • Wide range of processing (shapes, cut-outs, etc.)
  • Short delivery terms
  • Designer freedom in usage of purpose-built combinations with protective elements
  • 10 year warranty
  • Smooth surfaces with a minimum of joints
  • Easy, clean and quick installation (dry assembly)
  • Easy maintenance - using standard cleaning detergents
  • Cost savings for disinfectants and painting
  • Ajustable color spectrum of ambient lighting for cleanrooms

Gold medal for AntiBacterial glass™

to AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s., member of AGC group

On the 8th of September was held the Awards Ceremony for Products and Technologies in Architecture. We are happy to inform you that our Partner, AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s., won the first Place.

Conclusion: AntiBacterial glass™ contributes to the reduction of microbial contamination of the indoor enviroment.

The AntiBacterial glass™ is a major innovation in the field of glass design. It is designed as a perfect solution for areas, where the sanitary conditions are needed. The effect of antimicrobial silver ionts inside the glass eliminates 99,9 % of all bacteria that form on its horizontal and vertical surfaces. The glass is perfect for use in hospitals, pharmacy, health spa and and even in the bathrooms.

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